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David Tibodo is an American musician, writer, survivor, and celebrity from Orono, Maine. He became enormously popular after publishing his memoirs. A Place Called Waco: A Survivor Story.

David Thibodeau

The book appeared on September 9, 1999. T-Board is based on the real story of T-Board when he survived the siege of Texas in 1993. The incident occurred when the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Authority (ATF) launched a siege of Waco in February 1993.

After the failure, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intervened and ordered a tear gas attack. As a result, 76 branches of the branch were killed, including 2 pregnant women and 25 children.

David Koresh, who led the religious sectarian Davidians, also died. In 2018, a book titled “Waco: A Survivor Story Aviva Layton” by David Thibodeau, Leon Whiteson, and Aviva Layton was released.

David Thibodeau Movie Waco

A Place Called Waco A Survivor's Story David Thibodeau

On January 24, 2018, Paramount Network released a mini-series called “Waco“. This exhibition was an adaptation of “Gary Noesner’s FBI Hostage Negotiator Time: Stalling for Time: My Life” and “A place called Waco by David Thibodeau & Leon Whiteson”.

Also, John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle worked as mini-series developers. Directed by Dennie Gordon and John Erick Dowdle. Thibodeau’s character was described by Rory Culkin (American actor).

Some of Waco’s other major performers are Michael Shannon of Gary Noesner, Taylor Kitsch of David Koresh, Andrea Riseborough of Judy Schneider, Paul Sparks of Steve Schneider, Shea Whigham of Mitch Decker, Melissa Benoist of Rachel Koresh, and more.

The mini-series finally came out on the Netflix platform in April 2020. Waco consists of six episodes written by John Erick Dowdle, Salvatore Stabile, Drew Dowdle, and Sarah Nicole Jones.

Facts about David Thibodeau

  • Siege survivors from Wako are from Orono, Maine, USA. Born in 1967, David Thibodeau is 52 years old, as in 2019. However, we have no details of his actual date of birth.
  • His mother’s name, Belinda Ganem, remains a housewife, but there is no information on David’s father on the Internet.
  • As of April 2020, he is working as a musician for Blast Addicts.
  • He is the band’s drummer.
  • Depending on the source, the author also worked as a production consultant for the mini-series Waco.
  • David even made a cameo at the show.
  • In the Waco series, Thibodeau proposed to meet David Koresh at the bar and join the band as a drummer.
  • However, the author said that Koresh’s first meeting with him was at the guitar center.
  • The Waco siege was carried out for 51 days.
  • He was one of the survivors out of the building.
  • David knew the FBI would kill him, but later he thought it was better to die with a bullet than to burn it.
  • On June 20, 2019, the author introduced his girlfriend “Kristin (Kalr)” to Twitter. However, we are not 100% sure whether the couple is together or not.
  • He currently lives in Bangor, Maine, USA.

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