Hashim Alawi Wiki, Biography, Age, GF, Wife, Family, & Much More

Hashim Alawi is famous for the brother of the famous actress Ivana Alawi. Mona Alawi, the sister of Hashim, is a YouTuber.

In October 2018, Hashim presented a spicy noodle challenge on his sister’s Youtube channel. In January 2020, he performed a polygraph challenge on his sister Ivana’s Youtube channel. Fortunately, the video has 6,865,223 million views as of 16 Jan 2020.

Hashim Alawi Quick Biography

  1. Name: Hashim Alawi
  2. Father: Ivana Alawi
  3. Mother: Fatima Alawi
  4. Sister: Ivana Alawi (Actress & You Tuber)
  5. Marriage: status single
  6. Current City Philippines
  7. Nationality Philippines

On Instagram, he has posted a picture with his mother and sisters and said:

Hashim Alawi GF

He is currently single and does not date anyone. Currently, he is entirely focused on his career and work.

Hashim Alawi Social media followers

Hashim Alawi has 127k Followers on Instagram as of 15, May 2020.

Hashim Alawi officail soacial media accouts